Yes, please contact us to assist you with 3 or more purchasers.

Your identity will be programmatically confirmed using a secure authentication process on your mobile or desktop computer. You will be prompted to take photos of a piece of valid, photo government-issued identification, as well as a photo of yourself. The validity of your documents will be verified and matched to your photograph using AI software. The information is processed securely by Stripe, a trusted identity verification service.

We accept government-issued, photo identification documents, such as driver’s licenses, health cards, or passports. Please ensure the documents are valid and have not expired.

Yes, please contact us to assist you with this.

Reserve a lot

This is part of our terms of payment for securing a home purchase. The hold will be removed after 72 hours, upon receipt of your deposit payment.

Buying properties online with OwnSpace is simple, and much faster than any other home buying process. The entire process is completely online, so you can walk through the steps on your time, wherever you are. All you need is a government-issued ID to provide proof of identity, and a credit card to reserve your unit. Once your purchase offer is submitted, we will review and sign; you will receive a notification by email as soon as the offer has been accepted. You will have access to the signed contract and all other unit details in your OwnSpace account.

We want to give everyone a fair chance to purchase a Lot, so we secure a set period of time for a buyer to prepare and submit their offer, including deposit payment/credit card hold. If you don’t complete your offer within the time limit, the unit will become available for others to purchase. However, all your information is saved so you can easily complete another offer without having to go through the entire process.


You will need to confirm your financial details within 30 days

You may refer to your contract for the exact date.

Contract signing

Once you have created an account, you may access your completed contract at any time by logging into OwnSpace.

No, you do not need a witness to sign the contract.

Yes, an electronic signature in Canada has the same legal status as a handwritten one.

Other costs to consider

Also known as a “Welcome Tax”, the Land Transfer Tax is a fee imposed on the buyer of immovable property by the municipality, specifically when there is a transfer of ownership of said property. The percentage of tax is set in brackets based on the value of the immovable property. To learn more, please visit: City of Dorval

Notarial fees, other disbursements for the deed of sale and loan, copy of Certificate of Location, mortgage insurance fee, home insurance and more.